Footwear Failure!

I recently hit upon the idea of briskly walking a hilly, forested nine-mile “loop” several times a week along a US Forest Service dirt road known as the Gale River Road. There are several advantages to using this road for long walks (including it’s limited traffic). This will be of use not only in my physical training but in also maintaining many other aspects of being prepared for come what may.

Last week I walked this road a couple times using my cross-trainers as footwear for a total of two walks of 9-miles each. It should have been simple exercise since all I carried in my pack were an extra fleece sweatshirt, a space blanket, two quarts of water, and insect repellent.

A unexpected and very serious problem arose, having worn these very same sneakers for the last couple years nearly daily in town and around the home: the Achilles heal area on my right foot developed worn patches where the shoe had broken through the outer skin.
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